The Dog Thanks People Who Rescued Him With Sweet Hugs.

Meet the Dog Who is So Grateful for Being Rescued, He Can’t Stop Hugging Every Human He Meets!

A simple hug can mean so much.

A simple hug can be a powerful sign of love and affection. It’s sometimes all you need, and all your problems fade away.


Toro arrived at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter last October after he was found ‘chai.n.ed’ to a fence at an abandoned house. and his rescuers believe that he may very well have spent his entire life outside.


Luckily, Toro is safe now, and he wants the world to know just how thankful he is.

When Toro first arrived at the shelter, he was very scared and nervous. After having spent so much of his life alone, neglected and without kindness, the pup wasn’t sure what to expect from his new surroundings.


Since arriving at the shelter, he’s slowly been trying to break out of his shell, and though he still gets anxious and ‘over.whelmed’ sometimes, he’s already come a long way.

The Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter.

Despite his ‘fe.ars’, it was clear that Toro had a lot of love to give — and before long, he showed his rescuers exactly how much by starting to give them hugs, demonstrating how much he cared.


They’ve shown him so much love and compassion that his huge heart just wants to burst.

Toro clearly wants everyone to know how fortunate he is

Toro was adopted in January, but was unfortunately returned after a week and a half because it wasn’t a good fit.

He’s still looking for the perfect forever home, where he can give hugs to his family every day to show them how much he loves them.

All he wants is to find a calm and steady home where he can feel loved and safe.

Nonetheless, we are certain that when it comes to special dogs like Toro, it will only be a matter of time before he finds the caring forever home he so richly deserves.

Toro has so much love — and so many hugs — to give, and hopefully his forever family will find him very soon.

Praise Jesus for saving this precious dog.🙏

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