Do Puppies feel comfortable with wearing Clothes?

There are so many breeds in this world, and they have different needs. But when people look at the cute little puppies online in cute sweaters and hoodies, they want to dress their pup too. While putting clothes on your dog is not wrong, it should always happen in your presence. If your puppies would want to come out of their clothes, they might get stuck in them for hours if you are not around.

All pets are not built the same; therefore, the amount of fur they have creates a strict line over whether a puppy needs clothing in the first place or not. Medical professionals do not want puppies with thick fur coats to be dressed without harsh cold weather, for example, huskies. As it can cause your dog to have a heatstroke. The large hairs of your puppy make a protective layer around them, which protects their body from the external environment. The original purpose of clothes is to protect them from the harsh environment, and when looking at puppies, they naturally don’t need clothes.

Should Pets Wear Clothes In General?

Well, pets usually don’t need to wear clothes. But then again, not all pets are the same. There are a few species of cats and dogs that do not have thick fur coats or don’t have any fur at all. It makes them sensitive to their surroundings and thus would be bad for their body to be exposed to the harsh environment.

While there might be a few strands of hair sticking out from your pet, that doesn’t always ensure they are not feeling cold. Therefore if you have a pup with a lesser fur coat, then you should be careful of their environment. If there is cold weather, you should try to dress them in not too thick clothing, and if there is a blizzard or snowfall, then they should have proper clothing, or if possible, pups should not be going out for walks in such weather.

Hence, to avoid any confusion on whether your pet needs to wear clothes or not, you should closely observe their behavior. If you are to dress your puppy in fancy clothing, then you should ensure that it doesn’t go on for long before the puppy starts biting on the clothes.

What should Puppies Wear?

Newborn puppies or a few days old puppies might not be able to survive in harsh weather on their own. In such situations giving them thin clothing to keep them warm and covering their paws with socks or shoes does the job. Even a scarf is more than enough to protect your pups from harsh weather and provide a secure feeling for them.

Even big puppies can wear socks and shoes to protect their paws from getting dirty and scabbed from the various things in the area they play. When covering their paws, you should ensure that it’s not too much but not too less either to protect their paws and they feel comfortable at the same time.


Pets are widely used on social media platforms for making money. No matter how innocent the puppy may be, that doesn’t mean they understand why their owner is making them wear clothes. While it’s easy for people to be attracted to their clothes and matching garments but all those clothes are, in reality, not always comfortable.

Everybody needs to protect themselves from the harsh environment, and the most common thing is wearing clothes. Similarly, animals or pets in our homes need to cover themselves, if not a whole, a significant part of their body to protect them from the harsh weather.

However, not all animals are built the same; their fur is the most significant factor determining whether they need clothing. Therefore, you can put clothes on your puppies, but do they usually need clothes- no, do they need clothes in bad weather- yes.


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