Have you seen how the lonely husky shows his happiness when he see his best friend ?

Such a sweet scene, the dog must be eager to see its buddy.

The dog’s emotions are expressed very clearly through his face.

He’s such a lovely puppy. Messy lives in Thailand with his owner Oranit Kittragul. Recently, the Labrador has developed a close friendship with a husky who lives on the other side of the street.

When the gate was opened, Messy, the dog had the ideal chance to see his friend and went over to embrace his friend!

Messy was alway lonely and he wants a friend.

Messy spends most of his time at home by himself. His owner works from early in the morning till late at night. When the dog is left alone, she often hears him crying.

Oranit said: I usually ask my dog to see him and talk to him when he’s sad and cries. My puppy just stares at me and occasionally barks at Audi and he stops crying, but I am unable to understand what they are saying.

That is just fantastic. Its obvious that  each of dog requires a friend.Humans must learn to be true friends like Messy and Audi in order to have a true bond of friendship that never ends.❤❤

Let’s hope that Messy and Audi will be friend forever. they are both adorable and depend on each other!!

Dogs are great creatures that are absolutely gorgeous and kind. When we already have a dog, they also bring us a lot of happiness and affection even though they are unable to communicate with us verbally.

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