Rescued Cat Saves Owner When She Gets Locked Out Of House

Meet Boko, a stray cat who was rescued by Gabby Tropea, a college student in Texas last year. Tropea found Boko living as a stray on her campus, and she instantly fell in love with him. Since that moment, she decided to adopt him and the two of them have been completely inseparable.

One day, Tropea left Boko at home in order to take her sister Isabelle to school. Upon returning, Tropea realized she was unable to come inside because her sister had locked the door, and she didn’t bring her keys.

According to Tropea: “I got to the front door and Boko could hear me trying to get in. He started crying and scratching at the door.” The poor cat thought that he was never going to see his beloved owner anymore.

Thankfully, Gabby thought of the perfect way for Boko to help her find the way inside. The back door was secured with a stick to prevent it from being opened. Gabby hoped that his furry friend would be able to remove the stick, and she could open the door.

This mishap helped him found a sweet way to prove how devoted he was to his owner. Boko loves his owner more than anything in the world, and he isn’t about to let anything keep them apart.

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