10+ Oldest Cats Adopted By Kindhearted People

People often want to buy cute and expensive pet at some pet shops, which is why we had the slogan “Adopt, don’t shop” for quite a while now. 

Adopting means you are giving shelter animals a chance to have a home and feel happy again, but it is never easy for old animals to be adopted, as they are usually overlooked. 

However, the pictures below shed some light to this world. These are photos of adopted old cats that might urge you to adopt your very own aged feline.

#1. 7 years old Tomcat’s got a new home.

#2. 12-year-old Lil’ T got a home.

#3. 17-year-old Zeta got adopted 7 years ago.

#4. 6-year-old cat enjoying her favorite toy.

#5. 15-year-old Q-tip is getting her new name soon.

#6. 21-year-old white kitty was adopted by an older woman.

#7. 17-year-old kitty showing such darling look.

#8. 10 years old cuddle loving cat earned himself his new home.

#9. 8-year-old Floyd in his new home after months spent in shelter.


#11. Miss Smiley found a home at the age of 20.

#12. 12 years old lady-cat adopted.

#13. Person adopted the oldest cat in the local shelter. Obviously, age has nothing to do with beauty here.

#14. Bubbles the 9 years old tailless 3-legged cat is living with his loving family.

#15. 8-year-old Barnany.

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