10 Funny Dogs That Literally Failed At Trying To Be Good Boys

If you are raising dogs, you will face half-laughing, half-crying situations. Even patient and friendly dogs may sometimes cause trouble. But these incidents turn out the spice for your daily life, making it more exciting. 

In this post, I’m glad to share 20 dogs that literally failed when trying to be good boys. If you are looking for a medicine for tiredness and stress, these are right up your street. They may boost your mood faster than a rocket, then bring you a much-needed smile. And, you guys feel free to share us such kind of pics of your dogs. Let’s get started!

1. “This guy is caught red-pawed stealing left pasta on the plate.”

2. “Do I look cool with the new fur color? Matcha color is much better than the original white, right?'”

3. “I’m just testing your new lipstick, mom. The color looks good as it makes me prettier.”

4. “This is the first time that I have seen a field and mud. It’s such an exciting experience.”

5. “I’m the reason mommy can’t have any pretty plants.”

6. “I don’t mean to step inside the new path. My footprint looks like an artwork.”

7. “You told me to play whatever I want in the park. And I just did it.”

8. “These guys follow their parents to the dragon fruit farm and here is what they do. Taste the fruits.”

9. “My dog has no sense of shame. Shame on him.”

10. “This guy made an adventure on his own on the dandelion field.”

These 4-legged friends have the charisma to make humans around them forgive and fall in love with all their odds. We can never stay mad at them after looking into their innocent eyes.

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